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2023 Babe's in the Dirt 8: Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

The renowned weekend returns: BABES IN THE DIRT 2023!

Regardless of your skill on a motorcycle, this event encompasses all that is dirt bikes. A desert

landscape just outside of Los Angeles in Gorman, California, there’s plenty of riding to offer for all moto enthusiasts alike.

Conquering the dusty trails during the day and dancing by night, myself, Brittany, and fellow Moto Fit Club trainer, Jackie, have returned with the Husqvarna crew to help with their demo rides and ‘New to Moto’ training course. We got to meet and interact with SO many riders all weekend and hear their stories and riding experiences, which made me think; we need to write a review!

motorhomes and trailers camped out in a desert
Photo Credit: Jessica Longname (@longname33)

The fearless leaders of Babes in the Dirt (BITD), Ashmore and Anya, have created more than just a ‘ladies riding weekend' - It’s the ‘Woodstock’ of women’s dirt biking, giving a festival vibe that most women riders block out on their calendar far in advance to attend.

Each year, I see more and more women getting into the sport of riding, making this event even more impactful. The camaraderie is insane - egos are left at the gate, and everyone is ready to support each other for the love of Moto.

It’s the ‘Woodstock’ of women’s dirt biking, giving a festival vibe that most women riders block out on their calendar far in advance to attend.

This year my job with Husky was Demo Support. I, along with a few other rad ladies, had

the privilege of taking riders out to ride one of Husqvarna’s brand-new dirt bikes on two

different trail loops. Although I might be bias with Husky, they have something here that not many brands do for our sport: they displayed their full line of off-road motorcycles and gave riders a chance to try it out in a realistic riding experience. Pretty cool? Well, what was even sweeter was the exclusive deals you got if you purchased one of the bikes from the event!

Our very own Moto Fit Club trainer, Jackie Ives, is a certified USMCA motocross coach who was sharing her knowledge all day Friday and Saturday. We’ve shared some videos on our Moto Fit Club Instagram, but to witness the joy of what some ladies experienced was incredible. Remember when you first learned to ride? Or maybe even ride a bicycle? These memories last forever, especially the feeling of self-accomplishment. Jackie shared that she coached over 30 riders in 2 days! Some ladies have NEVER swung a leg over a motorcycle before, and Babes in the Dirt was the first place it happened. How special is that.

Some ladies have NEVER swung a leg over a motorcycle before, and Babes in the Dirt was the first place it happened.

More special features included Husqvarna demo rides, ‘New to Moto’ coaching, super fun trail rides for all levels, and beyond: but the most electric part of the weekend was where all the ladies camp and party at the end of the day!

Next: vendor row! None of this would be possible without the dedication to our sport from the partners of Babes in the Dirt: All the incredible sponsors brought their big rigs and flashy new products to show off just for us:

  • Fox Moto gear offered boot demos, featuring their all-new Women’s Comp Boot and Motion Boot

  • Bell Helmets show cased their new MOTO-10 helmet line

  • Dunlop Tires brought out the new MX34s, and the popular off-road tire: MX53! (which, of course, they have for sale AND will put them on for you thanks to Jay Clark from @dirtbiketv1)

  • 805 Beer showed up to really elevate the party vibes with a cold one after our ride!

Thanks to these incredible companies, the event was beyond average, having ladies already blocking out the dates for 2024's Babes in the Dirt!

After riding all day, covered in dirt and dust, what’s better than a taco truck, cold beer, and karaoke?! Thats right: nothing.

At the barn, the lights came on and the dancing broke out (trust me, us ladies know how to party once the music plays). Friday night every song on the playlist blasted through the speakers and we couldn't help but sing along. By Saturday night, it was all about dancing with the left-over energy you could muster!

In addition to the incredible atmosphere and support, BITD had a huge raffle of cool products and gear everyone was dying to win - AND they had a Fox Gear Throwback contest that got everyone's attention!

If that wasn't enough, the biggest attraction may have been the Dirttastic Minibike Race Saturday night. The ladies may have been on minibikes, but they weren't afraid to bang bars and get rowdy!

I could write for DAYS about the epic saves we all witnessed, the first-time hill-climbs, the late-night karaoke singing, the unknown number of 805 beers consumed, the campfire stories shared, the feels of being a new Husky bike owner, and more, but there's just not enough words to describe a weekend this monumental.

We might've gone home with a little less rubber on our tires, but we gained new friends, unforgettable memories, and maybe even some new gear. Babes in the Dirt 8 proved it can elevate riding experiences, bringing like-minded moto souls together, and truly encompass what it means to be a babe in the dirt.


For info, tickets, and more, check out their website: and follow them on

Instagram: @BabesintheDirt.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Husqvarna Motorcycles, Fox Moto, Bell Helmets, 805 Beer, Dunlop Tires, and Dirtastic


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