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  • Can I pay with cash?
    Yes! Please confirm payment options with your trainer prior to attending.
  • How do I get free advice?
    **COMING SOON** There are many ways to get your hands on some free advice: 1. Tune into our Instagram ( @MotoFitClub ) 2. Check out our YouTube page 3. Follow us on Social Media 4. Connect with us on our forum our group discussions!
  • Can Moto Fit Club come to my Club/Track and host a CAMP?
    Yes! Email us at to discuss details and logistics. We love joining forces to promote safe, structural moto training!
  • Are there private lessons?
    Absolutely- check out our Training Page in the menu to see which training works best for you: including one on one private sessions, CAMPS, online courses, and more!
  • Do you sponsor riders?
    Certainly! Email us at with your resume, what you want to learn, and why you'd be a great ambassador for The Club- we love working with up and coming champions.
  • Do you host Camps outside of Southern California?
    You bet! Check out our Training page for Camps coming up. If you want Moto Fit Club to come to your town, shoot us an email at Not located in SoCal? No problem- our online video courses give you the most indepth training you'll need to start learning RIGHT NOW. *Video courses coming soon
  • What if the Camp I want to attend is full?
    If the Camp you want to join is already full, check out our upcoming events and reserve your spot now! To maintain our high training expectations, we limit our Camp sizes dependent on the discipline.
  • What gear should I wear for a Motocross Camp?
    Here's what we highly suggest our riders wear at the track: • A pair of solid knee braces (not just knee "pads") • A full face helmet that is structurally sound (no previous crashes in the same shell) • A pair of boots that are made for dirt bike riding, specially for a motocross track (we love our Alpinestars Tech 10s!) • Goggles that cover the entire part of your face, and have 0 cracks or damages to the lens • Gloves that are structurally sound (no holes, extra plastic on the knuckles, or open fingers) Additional gear we recommend for first-time track riders: • Elbow pads (over or under jersey is fine!) • Neck brace (Leatt, Alpinestars, Atlas are all great brands that have science backed support) • Chest protector that fits your body (some brands like Thor and Leatt make women's chest protectors) If you have any questions on gear or what to wear at a Motocross track, feel free to email us at
  • Do I have to be fit to join MFC Fitness Program?
    Nope! You can be a complete newbie to working out and still join The Club! In fact, we hope you feel invited to do so - we want to be a welcoming source of fitness and health for whatever your goals may be. In the meantime, checkout our #WorkoutWednesday on our Instagram ( @MotoFitClub )


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